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JUTONE & FELSENTAL have been exporting puppies and older dogs for many years as show stock, for working purposes and as quality pets.

We have exported to many countries including USA, South Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad, St Lucia, Oman, Sri Lanka, Greece, Portugal, British Virgin Islands and even Germany!!

Jutone Pete, exported to Portugal on a Pet Passport, Autumn 2006.

Jutone & Felsental are experienced in dealing with all agencies including DEFRA and the Kennel Club to obtain the necessary documents such as Pet Passports, Health Certificates, export pedigrees etc. We also take the time to socialize puppies who stay with us a little longer while awaiting their Pet Passport.

Jutone & Felsental are pleased to provide a full export service including arrangements of flights, travel boxes and personal escort to all major airports. Please phone to discuss your requirements.