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As you are aware by now our latest news page has been lost. There is no way that we can retrieve the lost pages so we can only start again. Please bear with us as this page builds up with time.


We are sad to announce the passing of our Zeline vom Luttersbruch a couple of months before her 15th birthday. Zeline was the daughter of twice German Sieger Yasko vom Farbenspeil and was in quarantine at the same time as our Ghandi von der Zenteiche, they did everything together. Some of you may remember the stories of our birthday expeditions as their birthdays and mine fell on the same week in September. She had a brilliant show career but never produced any pups to carry on her bloodline. After retiring from the ring she became a wonderful companion to us both and was a real character around the kennels. We will miss her very much.

Zeline and Ghandi at the Golden Dagger Mine on Dartmoor

The latest addition to the Felsental show team!! More details when she has had her inoculations!!

A number of years ago my birthday, and the birthdays of our two imported dogs, Ghandi von der Zenteiche and Zeline vom Luttersbruch , all fell within one week in September. It became our habit for Sandra and I to take the two dogs out for the day for a picnic. We would go for a fairly long walk to a landmark usually on Dartmoor. We would post a picture on the website showing the dogs at the landmark. Unfortunately we lost the record of the trips and the pictures when the old website was closed down. We stopped going when we lost Ghandi, it was just not the same without him and Zeline was getting old, she is 14 now and still going strong but not up to a long trek. This year we thought we would revive the tradition and decided to take Morse, Felsental Endeavour as he is the only long coat and the odd one out at the kennel. We went to Okehampton Castle and went right to the top of the keep. Morse was beautifully behaved and attracted lots of admirers despite the horrible weather. He is pictured above in the ruins.

A long trip to Richmond Championship Show soon after arriving back from the German Sieger in Nuremberg. The judge was breed specialist Bill Jackson. Felsental Easy was in her first show for a while and it was her first time in Junior. Much to our surprise she won the class! We will have to give her a bit more training before she goes in her next show! Lucy (Felsental Hussy) was in Limit and came second despite being nearly bald! Thanks to Rob Davies for handling both the girls.

We had a lovely surprise yesterday. GSD Breed Council survey certificates for Felsental Hussy (Lucy), Felsental Estelle (Stella) and Felsental Endeavour (Morse, my longcoat boy). We are pleased to say that they were all Class 1 !!

For the second week in a row Lucy wins!! This time at the Welsh Kennel Club under breed specialist from Russia, Dr E Kuplyauskas, Lucy wins Limit Bitch then the Reserve Challenge Certificate. In his style of judging the smallest fault was penalized and many 1st places were withheld which made the win even more prestigious. The Kennel Club Chairman, Simon Luxmoore, was present for her win as this was the first general breed show since the new rules were introduced for German Shepherds. Thanks to Rob Davies for handling Lucy, they are getting better and better as they get used to each other. 

A local show for us this weekend..... only130 miles each way!! The South West German Shepherd Dog Club Championship Show was near Bath. The Judge was Mr Alfred Campbell from Jamaica. Felsental Easy was in Puppy Bitch for the last time and came third. Felsental Hussy (Lucy) was in the Limit Bitch class as usual. She won the class then went on to win the Reserve Challenge Certificate, a real surprise in a show full of top quality bitches! Thanks to Andrew Connolly for handling both girls in their classes and Rob Davies for helping out with Lucy in the challenge.

Our first show for a few weeks, the National Working and Pastoral Breeds  Society championship show at Malvern. We only took Felsental Hussy  (Lucy) as the pups had no coat. Judge Gary Gray placed her second in Limit Bitch. Thanks to Rob Davies for taking her, they got used to each other very quickly and she went very well for him.

We had a long run on Sunday, all the way to Crawley in Surrey near Gatwick Airport. The judges at the Southern Alsatian Training Society were Sharon Bowen for dogs and Celia Vines for bitches, both breed specialists. Both the puppies, Felsental Ensign and Felsental Easy were 2nd in their respective Minor Puppy classes. Felsental Hussy was 1st in the Limit Bitch class. Thanks as always, to Andrew Connolly for handling all three, no-one can make them look as good as him. Hopefully we will get some pictures from the day very soon. It was a lovely show and our thanks go to the Club and committee for their hard work.

Our two babies Simon and Easy went to their first show on Saturday. All the way to the Royal Welsh Showground for the Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Championship Show. Auntie Lucy was left at home as she hasn't got her new coat yet! Simon was first in the Minor Puppy Dog class which he won! Then he went against the older Puppy Dog and won again making him Best Puppy Dog! Then it was Easy's turn.... She went into the class with lots of other dogs and didn't settle quickly enough and came 4th. Simon then had to go against the Best Puppy Bitch and won again making him Best Puppy in Breed! Spookily, Lucy was also Best Puppy in Breed at her first show at the same age...............

Lucy winning Limit Bitch.

After missing most of the shows last year we are hoping to attend a few more in 2016. We got off to a good start at Crufts with Lucy winning the Limit Bitch class, judge Mr Davy Hall. The class was the strongest of the day with thirteen quality bitches competing. As usual we have to thank Andrew Connolly for his usual faultless handling and Neil Sumner for his excellent pictures.

We had some brilliant news today. Despite missing all of the shows from July onward two of our youngsters did very well in the GSD Breed Councils "Top Ten" lists for the UK in 2015. Kurt (Felsental Escort) was third in the Puppy Dog list and Stella (Felsental Estelle) was 10th in the Puppy Bitch list. We could only guess where they would have been had they done the full year!!

After we had to cancel our trip to the City of Birmingham show as Sandra didn't feel well enough to travel we decided that we would go to Richmond Championship Show. This was to give the dogs a run out to a show environment and for Sandra to get out after two months indoors. We had no expectations and I didn't bother to take my camera. The picture was taken with my phone! Kurt (Felsental Escort) was in Junior Dog and was placed 2nd. Lucy (Felsental Hussy) was entered in Limit Bitch which she won. She then won Best Bitch and the Bitch CC. This is her first CC and she only has to get another two to join her kennel mate Champion Conbhairean Erika vom Felsental!!

I apologise for the lack of updates for the last couple of weeks but Sandra has had to spend some time in hospital in Oxford. She has had a major operation and hopefully is now on the road to recovery. She should be home sometime next week. Please bear with us as running the kennels single handed is quite a job and I can't spend as much time on the computer as usual. Please contact us in the usual way but we may take a little time to get back to you.

Off to the National Working and Pastoral Breeds Association Championship Show today. Lucy was left at home as she was in season. The judge was breed specialist Eric Broadhurst. Kurt (Felsental Escort) was 1st in the Puppy Dog class and was Best Puppy Dog. For Floosy (Felsental Floosy) this was only her second show and we just hoped for her to behave better than the last show. Fortunately she was much better and was placed 3rd and really earned the place. Thanks to Andrew Connolley for his expert handling and to Phil and Sam Young for the picture.

We have had a short break while we ran the GSD Club of Devon show (we never enter our own dogs in a show we run). We were very pleased that everyone had an enjoyable day and were kind enough to send messages of thanks.

Yesterday we were back at work at the Heads of the Valley Championship show near Cardiff. Felsental Escort (Kurt, pictured above) was entered in Puppy Dog and came 2nd. The handler we had arranged was injured and Jo Cathie stepped in for the day. As neither of them had met before 2nd place was a very pleasing result, thanks Jo!. Felsental Floosy, half sister to Felsental Hussy (Lucy) was entered in Puppy Bitch. This was her first show and was not on her best behavior but still came second in the class. Thanks to Andrew Connolly for struggling with her and we promise we will have her better trained next time!
Judges were Lilly Hannan for Bitches and Dennis Bibby for Dogs.

31st May 2015

We were dreading the Southern Counties Championship Show at Newbury as the weather forecast was so bad and we had been warned of extensive roadworks and diversions in the area. However it was quite a good day after all! The judge was breed specialist Helen Davenport Willis. Kurt (Felsental Escort) was entered in puppy dog and was second only to the eventual Best "Puppy in Breed". Lucy was again in the Post Graduate class as there was no Yearling class and despite most of the bitches being a good deal older than her won the class. As in the last show Lucy was in the last three in the challenge, so near again to the RCC. Thanks to our handlers, Ann Swift for Kurt, Andrew Connolly for Lucy and Mike Dunleavy for stepping in to take Lucy in the challenge despite only being over from France for the weekend! Thanks to all!!

23rd May 2015

Congratulations to Sue and John Worley with their beautiful dog Yupp vom Hammelsbacher Hof. At the North Eastern GSD Club Championship Show yesterday Yupp won his third CC. He is now British Champion under the Regional system and the 1000th GSD Champion under the Kennel Club system. A remarkable achievement! Yupp is the father of our litter from Champion Conbhairean Erika vom Felsental, Morse, Kurt and Stella who are all very proud of their Dad!!
Yupp is now a British Champion, a KC Champion and the VA1 British Sieger probably the only dog to have ever achieved all these titles.

Yupp vom Hammelsbacher Hof

7th May 2015

Lucy and Andrew winning Graduate.
Thanks to Sam Young for the picture.

One of the longest journeys for us, the National Dog Show at Stafford judged by breed specialist Nikki Farley. Kurt was 1st in Puppy Dog. Stella was third in Puppy Bitch. Lucy was 1st in Graduate Bitch and was retained in the last three in the challenge. Unfortunately we were not lucky on this occasion but it seems that Lucy is back to her winning ways! Thanks to Andrew Connolly for his excellent handling as usual.

24th April 2015
Up to Three Counties showground, Malvern, for the WELKS Championship Show with breed specialist judge Sue Binden. Not so good this week, a 2nd for Kurt (Felsental Escort) and 3rd places for Stella (Felsental Estelle) and Lucy (Felsental Hussy). We will need to do a lot more work to get them ready for their next show. At least Lucy will be back in coat when everyone else is losing theirs!!

18th April 2015
A trip to the Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship Show this week. An indoor show on a concrete floor. Judge was breed specialist Bridget  Fahy-Newlands. We entered the usual three, Kurt (Felsental Escort) was 1st in MPD, his sister Stella (Felsental Estelle) was 2nd in MPB and Lucy (Felsental Hussy) was second in Yearling Bitch. Not a bad day but looking forward to getting back on the grass. Thanks to Andrew Connolly for his impeccable handling as usual.

4th April 2015
A local show this week, only 2 hours each way!! WUSV South West Regional Show. As our usual handler, Andrew, was away on holiday we only took the two babies, Felsental Estelle (Stella) and Felsental Escort (Kurt). Both were entered in the Minor Puppy classes. Stella was 1st in the bitch class and graded VP1, Kurt was 2nd in the dog class and graded VP2. These were the highest gradings possible for their age so we were very pleased. The judge was breed specialist Shirley Hutchinson and our thanks go to her and stand-in handler Craig Rice. Longcoat male Felsental Endeavour (Morse) was taken for the ride and to his pleasure was much admired and cuddled!!

SW Regional 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, Felsental Estelle

21st March 2015
A trip up to the Allertonshire Championship show in Warwickshire. A first show trip for our two Erika babies, Felsental Escort "Kurt" and Felsental Estelle "Stella". Each was entered in their Minor Puppy Class.  Kurt was second in Minor Puppy Dog, judged by Ian Blackshaw and Stella second in Minor Puppy Bitch judged by Molly Hunter. A great start to their show careers. Lucy, Felsental Hussy was first in Junior Bitch judged by Molly Hunter. Not a bad day and each got a huge trophy. Well done Allertonshire!!

Allertonshire trophies

 6th March 2015
Our annual trip to Crufts. Our classes were on the Friday this year so not too bad. We only took Lucy who was entered in the Junior class judged by Wayne Vessey. She was second in the strong class after being upset by a loose cable cover under the carpet making a noise when she walked on it. It seems to be a habit for us to come second at Crufts, not having a win since Lisa in 2008. We have to keep going back to break the jinx!!