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From time to time we are lucky enough to receive compliments from owners of JUTONE & FELSENTAL German Shepherd puppies and older dogs. We think that these comments are a testimonial to our kennels and our breeding lines and reproduce some of them (with permission) below.

(Please note that comments from 2005 to April 2015 were lost by our former website supplier.)


On the left, Felsental Eulysses or Gerrard to his friends. On the right, Jutone Emme (Trudi), a registered PAT dog. Both proudly owned by Allan and Jan Gillingham

Lennox, "Felsental Camper". This litter were all named after vehicles beginning with "C" ........sorry, not my idea!! Lennox best friend is a Pug and they do everything together. Proudly owned by Kerry Jane.

Kaizer (Jutone Finito) now two years old. Proudly owned by Dawn and her family in Cornwall.

Mia, now aged 3, proudly owned by Angela Hart Hardy in Wishaw , Scotland.

Simon (Felsental Hero) aged 1

Simon aged 2

This is Simon, Felsental Hero. He is owned and loved by Judy Ferrier. Judy sent us a picture of Simon on his first birthday and I asked if I could put her comments on this website. Sandra's illness intervened and, as it takes quite a time to upload, I kept putting it off until I forgot about it. Judy sent me another photo on his second birthday with a gentle reminder of my promise. Here are both the pictures with my sincere apologies.
On his first birthday Judy said;"It’s Simon’s first birthday on Thursday and I thought you might like to see how he’s doing.  He’s growing up to be a big handsome gorgeous boy, very  loving and friendly, and usually gets greeted before I do!  I can’t believe he’s a year old, it seems he’s been here for ever and I love him to bits.  I am just so very grateful I found you and him when I did after I lost Luca, I couldn’t have found a better dog, so thank you very much for trusting me to have him and we send our very best wishes."
On his second birthday she said;
"He’s grown into a very handsome boy, like the rest of your dogs, and is absolutely adorable.  He’s very affectionate, NOISY!, a bit of a wimp sometimes, enthusiastic about everything, mischievous and the best dog anyone could have.  He brings me great happiness so thank you both."

We thank Judy for her very kind words and would like to say that we start the puppies off but it is the upbringing by the new family that makes the dog a fabulous companion.


Coco owned by Helen, Simon and Ryan Harris. "She is making brilliant progress. She now has lots of energy. Enjoying the walks at Holden and is a very good guard dog which is what we wanted."


Duke owned by Tina Tiilyer. "As promised here are a couple of photos of Duke, think you will agree he is a handsome boy"


Treeck and Lulu

As we have lost our pictures we have been sent some by The Martens family. Treeck and Lulu live with Claudette,Erno and their three young daughters,


Treeck and Lulu

Laili with Treeck and Lulu


Beau (Felsental Furby), sent in by Nikki on his second birthday.

Beau with his first rosette!

Baby Beau...

Could you please add that getting Beau was the best thing we ever did. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him, he's so good with dogs ,children, everyone really!
He's a wonderful boy! Oh, did you get the fact I adore him.   Nikki